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1. Absolute link

A hyperlink that includes the complete URL, consisting of the domain name, folder /subdirectory name and file name. For example: http:/ Also see “Relative Link.”

2. Ad Rank

This is calculated by (Max CPC x Quality Score).

3. Algorithm

A complex mathematical formula used by a search engine to determine how a web page will rank in the results of a search engine query.

4. ALT tags

The alternate text associated with a web page graphic that is displayed when the Internet user allows the mouse to hover over the graphic. Alt tags also make web pages more accessible to the disabled. For example, a vision-impaired user may have a web browser that reads aloud the text and alt tags on a page. (For those familiar with html, "alt" isn't actually a tag by itself but an attribute to the "img" tag.) Equally as important, they can help with your search engine rankings by increasing the keyword density (if you use keywords in your ALT tags).

5. Backlinks

Links from one web page to another. Most search engines provide an easy way to get a list of all of the backlinks from a specific page. Also referred to as “Incoming Links.”

6. Banned

The blocking of a site from appearing of in a search engine’s results. Also see “blacklist.”

7. Black hat SEO

A term used to describe unethical techniques used to rank higher in search engines. If detected, these techniques can cause your site to be banned from search engines permanently.

8. Blacklist

A term used to describe lists of search engine SPAMmers compiled by search engines and/or vigilante users; these lists are then used to ban SPAMmers from search engines or to boycott them.

9. Blind traffic

Low-quality traffic generated by misleading banners or SPAM.

10. Blog

Also known as a "weblog." An online diary with entries made on a regular, if not daily, basis. Some blogs are maintained by an anonymous author who uses a nickname or handle instead of his/her real name.

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